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May it last.

Resolutions I intend to stick to:

*Wherever possible eat healthy, home- cooked food.

*Avoid additives and preservatives, especially artificial sweeteners such as those containing aspartame. This includes choosing organic, wherever practical.

*Avoid caffeine. Choose decaffeinated and herbal options.

*Increase activity and tonal exercises with the aim of reaching a healthy target weight by summer. Goal: 2 pounds a week.

*Be more sensible with money – reduce small outgoings, monitor spending, save for larger purchases, etc. Generally be more organised and less impulsive financially.

*Plan solo travelling to see more of the world. 2013′ s planned trip: Italy. (Any advice, suggestions, recommended viewing, etc welcomed!)

*15 minutes a day on self taught Italian book and audio.

*Ensure put maximum effort into obtaining good grades on first year my English degree (going well so far) via Open University.

*Thoroughly revise and have pro- edited at least one novel, with the view of publishing this year.

*Complete at least one screenplay and research markets, with the view of being accepted somewhere.

*Continue to attend writer’ s group set up with few of the 2012 NaNo- ers, meeting once a week.

*Personal facebook page has already been deactivated. Ensure contact is maintained with close friends, and author and twitter page is restricted in terms of times accessed and used appropriately


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The Daily Grind

That viscious cycle of working to live; day in, day out, having to drag your arse out of the comfort of your home and make that laborious journey to work. A place where, no doubt, many of us hate. It may not have always been that way, but somehow or other it ends up that way. And the longer you’re there, the more hopeless and helpless you feel. That proverbial feeling of entrapment.

I thought I’d beat the system by switching to flexi-time. I pick and choose when I want to work, and where. Turns out the downside to this is that there are no obligations. That is, no obligations for them or me. I can choose not to work at all. They can choose not to book me in at all. Or they can cancel shifts if they no longer need me.

So, it’s great for a while when I’m in control of the where and whens, but when I actually want to eat and pay the bills, I’d like those shifts to be available. So, technically, they are in control because they still have the power to say “no”.

How do we win some of that control back, whilst still being able to earn money to live and enjoy life with? I’d say go for a vocation you truly want to be in, though that too costs money. Money you need to earn from a job you can’t stand and, in my case, don’t always have work for you. It’s even become almost impossible to switch tracks once you’re in one sector – you don’t fit the requirements, and it’s an employer’s paradise when they have the luxury of being able to be incredibly selective, due to the lack of jobs available.

There are numerous online guides about making money, but the majority are most definitely scams. Or a waste of time. Like all these surveys and adclick sites that supposedly pay when you get involved. I’m sure they do pay, but at the expense of a ridiculous amount of your time, and brain cells.

I’ve heard prostitutes are poorly paid, and very low on the job satisfaction scale. Just as I’m sure there isn’t much in the worth of a soul these days either. Even medical trials – are they really worth the risk?

So what do the blackhole folk do? We all have dreams, but what if these dreams require money we don’t have to get them off the ground? The experience we keep getting told we need, but no one will allow us to acquire (even when we’re trying to give ourselves away) is an equally demoralising situation.

I have no answers to these questions, I wish that I did. I even attempted to sign up to one of those freelance writer’s sites but it would seem my editing skills aren’t up to par as my application was rejected. Yes, a very hapless and hopeless situation it is. Is there anyway to ever escape this ratrace?


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In the zone: channelling my energies.

I have spent far too long ducking from self-imposed deadlines, and making crappy excuses for not getting things done. Have had to seriously question recently what I really want from my life. Every time I ask myself where I would see me in “x” amount of years, in some way or another it always involves writing and the publishing industry.

I know that I can’t predict whether I’ll be a successful writer, but that isn’t really the point. It will be great if the writing will support me, but I see writing as being a part of the whole. Every dream I have involves writing, either as a novelist, lyricist, or script writer. There are often many other layers to those dreams: marketing, project managing, publisher… and so on. But being creative is always the focus.

So, with that in mind, why do I keep shying away from what I want? I can only assume it’s that pesky inner voice that doesn’t want me to try. If I don’t try, then I don’t fail. But if I don’t try, then I fail anyway, right? So, shut the f*ck up, inner voice. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

With that in mind, here are a list of projects that I’ve been working on over the years and, thanks to the prompting of a chatty fella on a facebook writer support group, I have managed to begin setting myself achievable targets that will work around my degree and job. I will succeed! Even if it’s to succeed at completing tasks. Woo!

*The Devil’s Beat – first draft complete (64,639 words); contemporary fantasy. No plan – major rewrite needed.

1) Read draft and make notes, approx 10,000 words a day [by 7 Oct ‘12].

2) Re-plot for second draft [by 14 Oct ‘12].

3) Set targets for re-write, and adhere to them.

*The Monster Hunter Club: Monster City – first draft (733 words); young children’s fantasy. No plot, just rough concept.

*King of Hearts – first draft (50,028 words); thriller. Nano ’10 – major rewrite needed.

*The Monster Hunter Club: Brazzelworth – first draft (813 words); young children’s fantasy. No plot, just rough concept.

*The Rising – first draft (27,001 words); fantasy. Basic plan.

*Blood ties – first draft (3,450 words); screenplay. Basic plan.

*Nightminders – first draft (17,351 words); medieval fantasy. Basic plot outlined.

*Shadow – first draft (9,291 words); fantasy. No plot, just rough concept.

*Shakti – first draft (3,619 words); contemporary fantasy. No plan, just basic concept.


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How to read like a writer

How to read like a writer.


I knew there was a reason I was reading so much! Down side is: you spend so much time reading, and not enough writing.

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{reblog} I have a confession to make….

A blog all about a love affair with fashion! I found the whole thing pretty darn amusing – now get reading, liking, and following!

I have a confession to make…..

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One Lovely Blog Award

One Lovely Blog Award

Thank you so much to Suzanne for the unexpected nomination (I’m glad I make you feel guilty – we should all read more)! Suzanne’s blog is mostly centred around writerly stuffs, such as her projects, progress, work she’s willing to share, and NaNoWriMo! Go check it out – she’ll make you feel guilty for not writing and editing more.

As with many of these awards, you need to copy the picture and post it somewhere in your post. Write seven facts/fun things to know about you, and link to five other bloggers you’d recommend (don’t forget the “why”).

You need to know:

  1. I am having a threesome this November with two smexy fellas – we’re co-MLing (Municipal Liason) for our region during NaNaWriMo.
  2. I hate being too warm, to the point where I even avoid putting the heating on in winter despite the house being the kind that gets cold really easily.
  3. I often look like I dressed in the dark. For example, today I’m wearing black and brown horizontal stripped dress, black formal trouser, scruffy hoody, and multi-coloured, spotty wellies over my trousers.
  4. My backyard looks like a jungle with the crazy weeds, and various plants making their homes amongst the paving slabs (darn forest behind the house getting the better of me!).
  5. I hate marmite, and once tried to feed a marmite sandwich to the family dog (who only ever disliked lettuce) so my dad wouldn’t make me eat it. She refused to eat it – clear proof that it’s worse than dog shit.

The nominations:

* From Bogans to Mormons – A blog I find incredibly inspiring, creative (food and crafts!), as well as thought provoking… from a strong, brave woman!

* The Color of Lila – she’s not afraid to speak out (for or against certain ‘issues’), she’s honest, blunt, and stuffed full of information.

* One Thousand Single Days – a woman choosing to remain free of attachments for 1000 days to deal with her issues, to pursue her own dreams, and to explore life on her own (whilst reporting on it in her blog).

* Nymphdupave – a passionate, creative, vivacious, and thoroughly awesome friend. She writes too.

* Keeping this real – a brutally honest account of dealing with a life affected by alcohol abuse, as well as full of resources for those wanting more information.

Welcome to the award! In order to accept the award, you must follow these four steps:

  1. Copy and paste the award logo onto a post.
  2. Thank and link back to the person who nominated you.
  3. List seven things about yourself.
  4. Nominate five other blogs.

Now go forth and spread the blogging love!


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Liebster Blog Award – accepting & spreading the karma

Oh my! I’ve been on WordPress since just after new year 2012 (when I joined ROW80) and, when I joined, had only an inkling of what a wonderful community existed here. It was the snippets of warmth, companionship, comraderie and support that lured me here to begin with and it certainly feels like the best move I made!

One of my lovely blog friends left me a comment on one of my blogs (A-Muse-ing Adventures) to inform me that she’d nominated me for a blog award on hers (Liebster Blog Award – accepting & spreading the karma) – I couldn’t believe it! In all honesty, I had no idea what one was but an ‘award’ is rarely a bad thing, I’m sure.

For those of you that don’t know:

Leibster is German & means ‘Dearest’ or ‘Beloved’ but it can also mean ‘Favourite’ & the idea of the Leibster award is to bring attention to blogs with less than 200 followers all in the spirit of gathering more connections

  1. Show your thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them.
  2. Reveal your top picks for the award and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.
  3. Post the award on your blog.
  4. Bask in the love from the most supportive people on the blogsphere – other bloggers.
  5. And, best of all – have fun and spread the karma.

It really is a wonderful feeling to have someone say that your words, whatever they may be, help to inspire or give them the desire to create something new (these thoughts have been explored within A-Muse-ing Adventures), and I am truly touched that abumptothehead believes my words to have that effect at times. I am so thrilled that I even came to mind when she was to think of people to pick for this ‘beloved blog’ award. Thank you!

In the interests of sharing this feeling, and offering recognition where recognition is due, here is a list of the blogs I wish to show my support of (they must have less than 200 followers – I’ve had to remove some people that I could see had lots from this list because of it):

1. http://abumptothehead.wordpress.com/ – I am aware that this is the lovely lady that nominated me but I can not fail to draw attention to the fact that it is her blog that often inspires me!

2. http://shaggygirl.wordpress.com/ – full of useful advice, points for discussion and lovely images.

3. http://roboticrhetoric.wordpress.com/ – a lyrical blog that never fails to make me laugh, whatever the subject.

4. http://rantravewrite.com/ – an incredibly diverse blog that again, manages to make me laugh (I’m sensing a pattern here…)

5. http://moving-foreword.com/ – thought provoking and inspiring musings.

6. http://photobotos.com/ – such stunning pictures!

7. http://vikramroyblog.wordpress.com/ – discussions and reblogs re: art, literature, humanitarianism and society.

8. http://depressioncookies.blogspot.com/ – informative, inspirational, supportive… what more could a woman ask for?

Well, I am sure I have taken up quite enough of your time already. I hope that I can continue to provide pieces that others enjoy reading.

Happy blogging!


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