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Poverty in the UK; Welfare Reform Act

You’d think, in this day and age, poverty isn’t something that exists in the UK. But it does. A friend of mine has posted her ‘final blog’ where she describes, rather bluntly, her desperate need to work and how these new government legislations on benefits are ensuring she’s unable to keep herself and her son healthy long enough to find a job that will take her.

Her main hurdle is being hard-of-hearing (not deaf enough to qualify for disability, but enough that employers often find excuses to reject her application).

At least reading her post and offering her words of support or sharing it would be much appreciated! If you know of any jobs in the Manchester area, feel free to leave her a message about that too.


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Volunteer Vacations

I was actually in search of volunteer opportunities for writers and stumbled across this site: http://www.lookingforadventure.com/volunteeringvacations.htm

I mentioned a few posts ago that, at some point, I would like to do some humanitarian work if something came up and I was in a position to do so. I hope there are lots of people ‘out there’ that are able to jump on such opportunities given how many fabulous charities and organisations there are out there.

A quick overview of this site alone shows varies groups set up to support medicine, homelessness, poverty, terminally ill, building shelters, repair projects, third world, environment, and many more.

Just scanning the list, the title ‘Right to Dream‘ catches my eye which is a scholarship program for the young people of Africa to pursue paths such as sport, physio, art and journalism. Volunteers are welcome to join their teaching programme, but it is preferred they spend the year there to ensure there are no disruptions in the school year.

There is another that intrigues me called ‘3 Generations‘ which supports individuals from around the world in sharing their stories of the horrific things that may have happened to them. When reading their vision, I couldn’t help but feel incredible respect for them and what they aim to do:

If we don’t have a vision of a better future can we really create one?

Become part of the movement:

Imagine the end of atrocity.

And another: ‘88 bikes‘ – aimed at providing bikes and bike kits for children in poverty stricken countries, children that have suffered from abuse, orphanages, and many other projects. There are volunteer posts set up for various areas around the world.

These are just a few examples from one site. I can’t believe how many innovative and rewarding opportunities there are out there in that big, scary world. It’s pretty darn beautiful to see so many groups working at making this world a better place.


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