A Week In Review.

In light of the post from last week, I thought I’d post an update on how I’ve been getting on with just the one week so far.

Resolutions I intend to stick to:

*Wherever possible eat healthy, home- cooked food.

This is going really well! I’ve been taking a lot of recipes from a book called ‘Cook Yourself Thin‘ – some really gorgeous recipes, and super healthy too! My favourites are the Sweet Potato Gratin and the Carbonara. Yum yum. In prepping a couple of batches, it keeps me (and Mum and Stepdad) well-fed for the whole week. I feel so much better! And I’ve already lost almost 3 pounds this week!

*Avoid additives and preservatives, especially artificial sweeteners such as those containing aspartame. This includes choosing organic, wherever practical.

This is an ongoing battle, really. I’m beginning to notice how a lot of products seem to sneak in the odd E-number, or random chemical I can’t pronounce. The good thing about making so much food at home though, is that I’m exposed to these things far less.

*Avoid caffeine. Choose decaffeinated and herbal options.

This hasn’t been a problem at all. I feel a lot less like my energy levels are a rollercoaster. I actually feel very stable, and tired when it’s natural to be. Even the coffee shop (NorthTeaPower, Manchester) we went to last Wednesday had a fab selection of herbal teas (I tried ‘blood orange’) and decaff coffee.

*Increase activity and tonal exercises with the aim of reaching a healthy target weight by summer. Goal: 2 pounds a week.

I’ve increased the activity. It’s not been as consistent in terms of how long I’m doing it far, but it’s improving. Just need to make it a habit! I have achieved over 2 pound loss this week though, so I’m happy!

*Be more sensible with money – reduce small outgoings, monitor spending, save for larger purchases, etc. Generally be more organised and less impulsive financially.

Still paying off bills and such, but managed to put £30 in my holiday jar this week. Whoop, whoop!

*Plan solo travelling to see more of the world. 2013′ s planned trip: Italy. (Any advice, suggestions, recommended viewing, etc welcomed!)

My Italian phrase book and audio has arrived, grazie! This shall be my treat to myself if I keep hitting weight-loss targets.

*15 minutes a day on self taught Italian book and audio.

Only arrived two days ago. I’ve been having a browse, and picked up a couple of phrases already. But not consistently spending time on it yet. My memory isn’t what it should be… ho hum. I will get better though!

*Ensure put maximum effort into obtaining good grades on first year my English degree (going well so far) via Open University.

Still awaiting module two, assignment one’s grade. Module one, assignment three was submitted on 10 January too. So far, my grades have been 73% for assignment one, 80% for assignment two… We shall see what the future has in store for me.

*Thoroughly revise and have pro- edited at least one novel, with the view of publishing this year.

One of those things I really need to make a habit of. ‘Psychologies‘ magazine had a really fab section on 2013 year plan. It was very positive and had me focusing on what I want from my life, but editing still really seems like such a chore. Everytime I sink my teeth into it it really drives me nuts as I can’t seem to work out where to start or what to do to get it working right. I’m just finding more and more things that have me feeling like such a fraud. I get lots of negative flashes of submitting a novel, getting it published but people I know reading it and thinking: “What’s the fuss all about? This is crap!”

*Complete at least one screenplay and research markets, with the view of being accepted somewhere.

-not at this point yet-

*Continue to attend writer’ s group set up with few of the 2012 NaNo- ers, meeting once a week.

Still going like a trooper! Even when I’ve come straight off a night shift.

*Personal facebook page has already been deactivated. Ensure contact is maintained with close friends, and author and twitter page is restricted in terms of times accessed and used appropriately.

I’m not missing facebook at all. I actually feel so much better that I’m not on it. I’ve barely even used the author page. I’ve attempted to maintain contact with ‘friends’ via text, but that has a mixed reception. For the most part, I’m beginning to realise I actually have a very limited circle of friends. It’s actually quite liberating to finally know that though.



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4 responses to “A Week In Review.

  1. I’ve been thinking about deleting my FB page too. Lol, since about 2 years ago, actually. There are plenty of people I’d like to keep in touch with, but many of the really worthwhile people aren’t even big on FB anyway. And then you have to deal with politics and drama and idiots who use Facebook during the fights between them and their guys…

  2. Sounds like you are doing good! I’ve lost two pounds too! I like that goal you have of that much a week. Very sensible. One note on the revision — that is a large part of writing and I’ve suffered learning how to do it better! Do it yourself! That’s how you become a better writer!! PS Hope you love Italy! I went to Florence about five years ago and would like to go back some time. I actually did the Italian tape in the car thing and felt pretty comfortable understanding them, just not as good at speaking. Seemed like a fairly logical language. Happy New Year! Mary

    • Hi! Thanks for the comment. It does seem very logical, and a lot of the words are pretty straight forward. It’s just constructing sentences that may be the issue. It’ll take some time, but I’m confident with some practice I should be fine. I love the idea of Florence and Rome. Flights are cheap enough too, it just all depends on what hours I can get from work as to what I can afford at a later stage.

      Congrats on your loss too!

      The editing is something I will be doing with regards to getting it to the best I can make it. But I want a professional to look over it before I publish, just to make sure all the finnicky bits have been done.

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