Book Review: M is for Magic.

M is for Magic, by Neil Gaiman.

A collection of short stories; some based on fairytales, others seemingly random in nature. All I found incredibly intriguing, but really quick and easy to read.

I finished this book in what felt like record timing! Stories that alluded to aliens studying us at house parties, ones about boys having no friends or loving family and what happens when they run away from home, stories about ghosts, trolls, nursery rhymes, and lost treasures in an elderly woman’s home.

They were all very light hearted and fun to read, with relatively large print and simple language. I’d say they are most definitely suitable for a teenaged audience, but that doesn’t mean an adult can’t enjoy them too (as I did!).

The only thing I didn’t like, was how quickly I finished it as I really thought starting it when I got to work would mean they would at least get me through the night, and my journey home. Nope. I finished it before I even finished my shift (and I wasn’t reading it that much).


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