Book Review: Witch and Wizard.


Witch and Wizard: book 1, by James Patterson.


I read this book around February or March, but hadn’t done a review for it for some reason. This book is James Patterson’s YA book, in an attempt to encourage young people to read more. At least, that was the general gist of his introduction anyway. It is written around the idea that there will be a hostile takeover (such as the one I described in The Handmaid’s Tale) but, it seems, this takeover in ‘the future’ is centred around the eradication of anyone with a ‘gift’. By that, I mean supernatural.

This book describes a school aged brother and sister who have escaped an indoctrination programme and have set up with other young people, hoping to find their parents. It goes through their journey of discovering these talents that their parents have been hinting at (“you’re special“), and now have to figure these things out together. Naturally these ‘gifts’ are something amazing for other young people, but there are ‘informants’ scattered about who will give away their position in exchange for power. Apparently, for some, it’s better to be a servant of sorts, than a fugitive.

This is the first part to who knows how many books… personally, I wasn’t overly impressed. I got the distinct impression I’ve read much of what was written before. There were few things that seemed ‘original’. I detected elements that seemed to be taken from the TV series The Tribe where kids were left to set up a society since something wiped out all the grown ups; V for Vendetta; and a couple of episodes of Charmed (based on what may happen in the future)… I may be wrong, just how I interpreted some of it.

In terms of keeping kids entertained though (and I have friends that love the series), I can see why it would interest them. There’s lots of action, easy to read, and who wouldn’t love to wake up one day and find you’re almost all-powerful? The annoying thing is the way these gifts are described. They just know how to use them instinctively, and these gifts seem to have few limitations. And yet, they keep getting caught! Gosh darn it.



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