Book Review: The Probable Future.

The Probable Future, by Alice Hoffman.


This is a book I managed to complete around to shifts at work – I hated putting it down! What I love most about Hoffman’s work is her ability to blend something that feels supernatural so seamlessly with real life and real issues. Her work is generally centred around relationships; such as family, love, friendship, trust… the whole ‘gift’ thing is present, but is just another layer to the story.

Characters felt real; havingĀ arguments and worries that could have been my own, or someone I know. You learn about the history of a town and its residents is tidbits, intricately woven around myth and ‘witchcraft’. But it isn’t the witches characters that are being questioned – it is the town’s residents.

This is a beautiful story dealing with life, love, death, and trust. An overall message seems to be that you’re never too let to forgive. You’re never too old to learn to love and trust someone. And that life will be so much more beautiful if you allow yourself to accept your past, to ensure you enjoy what time you have.

This is certainly a far better alternative to ‘easy reads’. It is an easy book to get into, and very simply written. But the many layers ensures that those preferring a more complicated book, shouldn’t be at all disappointed.



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  1. Candace Knoebel

    Sounds interesting!

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