Book review: Rosemary’s Baby.

Rosemary’s Baby, by Ira Levin.

I know, I know! Why have I not read this already? Well, because I haven’t. So there.

Rosemary’s Baby, for those of you not ‘in the know’, is about a young married couple that move into a high end apartment block with a spooky history. Rosemary is the female stereotype with old fashioned values – and she is just desperate to get pregnant! Eventually, her husband (the struggling actor) surprising relents and they begin trying.

She has some really bizarre dreams, some incredibly strange cravings through her new pregnancy, and lots of very paranoid thoughts about pretty much everyone she encounters. Even her husband. Somehow, The Devil, witchcraft, and cults all get mixed with it.

The concept isn’t something we’re unfamiliar with anymore, as there is so much out there exploring ideas of possession, demonspawn, religion, cults, etc. For its time though, Ira produced a pretty real scenario that may strike a chord with the general populace.

I enjoyed the read, though the book was only short and didn’t really go any further than following her through pregnancy, and what that meant to her and those around her. It was relatively simple, with few subplots. There were some surprising developments, but most of the ‘twists’ could be guessed.

And the ending left me dissatisfied. I will be reading Son of Rosemary at some point, though I am hoping it has more to it than the first book.



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  1. Your blog’s hit a good seam just now!

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