Book Review: Light Before Day.

Light Before Day, by Christopher Rice.

This is Christopher’s third book. Again, the themes that runs through the core are generally centred around sexuality, society, and accepting oneself. The issues that are faced and challenged in this novel are drugs, sexual grooming, and paedophilia. There is also some murder, crime fighting, and sex thrown in for good measure.

In the previous book of his I reviewed (The Snow Garden), there were a lot of errors which seems to not be such a big issue in this book. (New editor/proofreader, maybe?)

Despite the sensitive nature of the topics raised, Christopher, true to form, does not pussyfoot about. He pulls you on through the rollercoaster ride of emotion and experience, giving you what feels like a very authentic account of the effects of drugs and alcohol on damaged individuals, how a history of abuse or neglect can bring about opportunities for predators to manipulate those victims.

Descriptions and scenarios can be very graphic, so I wouldn’t recommend reading if subjects mentioned above are something you find difficult to hear about. I feel it’s important to build an awareness of what goes on in the world, and this novel is based on very real risks that some children have to deal with. Whilst the novel itself is fictional, the general concept is real.

That said, as with previous works, this book is incredibly easy to read. It is so gripping and I found I just had to keep reading, to keep chasing the characters through the story to find out who did what, where they all fit in, how they fit in… Definitely worth reading!

Come on, Christopher. Time for book number four (which I believe is currently entering the editing process)!


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