Book Review: The Wolf Gift.

Anne Rice: The Wolf Gift

I’ll tell you now, if you’re expecting something like The Vampire Chronicles you will be surprised. Anne’s new series exploring the legend of the werewolf (or Wolf Man as is the name given by its lead character Reuben), is so far from the prose that envelops Lestat that you’ll be convinced it was written by someone entirely different.

That said, you may be surprised but, I’d wager, you will not be disappointed. The Wolf Gift follows a young man who becomes embroiled in the age-old lycan myths after receiving a bite during an incident involving the brutal murder of his lover. Reuben has to learn about both the wonders and limitations of receiving these abilities on his own. As well as who he can trust, and all the moral dilemmas that come with the ability to smell and track evil.

In terms of the writing style, it is so much more relaxed on details than previous works. But this does not, in my opinion, compromise quality. Anne has clearly been somewhat influenced by contemporary fantasy novels, particularly YP fantasy, but this is no first person angst-fest. True to Anne’s previous works, she explores characters thoroughly, her plot progression always seems so incredibly flawless, as well as exploring myth origins and literary references (giving lots of extra reading material, if you’re interested in that kind of thing).

There seems to be an obsession with technology and money which is somewhat grating, though it’s probably quite normal for most people in this day and age. Life is a little too easy for this guy. Sure, he’s a little lost trying to find his place in the world, but he stumbles across and multimillion pound mansion, women love him and his ‘baby face’, he is rolling in cash, and is a talented writer. Also, everyone owns an iPhone. Everyone who’s integral to the story anyway.

The worst thing about this book? It’s a hardback. If I wanted a paperback copy, I’d have to wait for its release. That makes me very dissatisfied as I had to lug this heavy book to and from work.

Other than these minor points, it was a thoroughly enjoyable book to read!



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3 responses to “Book Review: The Wolf Gift.

  1. Left-Brained Business for Write-Brained People

    Thanks for sharing this, even if you did build a few muscles lugging the book around . This book is on my TBR list, has been since a saw a television interview with Rice a few months ago where she talked about it. I’ve always had a thing for werewolves, anyway, and when the interviewer asked her who she would suggest for playing the lead role in a movie she said without hesitation “Matt Bomer.” She even pictured his White Collar sidekick Tim Dekay as the werewolf’s wing man. Since I love White Collar and Matt Bomer–need I say more?–that just made me move this book higher on my need-to-read list. So, truly appreciated this post. With this book so hefty, how are you doing with your reading goal for the year?

    • I lagged behind as I wasn’t able to read much for a couple of weeks, and my list isn’t up to date. I’m just chugging away really. Still read far more than I did last year already though given that I’m now on nights and not days.

      Glad you liked the post too! I do love Anne.

    • I can’t remember if I replied to this one…

      It’s the hardback – it’s also larger than standard book size. It’s not hefty in terms of content as it isn’t as big as some of her previous works.

      I’m not going to be hitting targets on my reading list but I’m still chugging away. I just haven’t updated. I don’t even know if I’ll be able to remember what I’ve read now! Oops. I haven’t had chance to write the reviews either.

      Do you have a reading list you’re chugging your way through? How are you getting on?

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