Versatile Blogging: loved, listed and a little random.

At this point I feel like squealing. I am reminded once again how wonderful and supportive this community is as a new visitor of my blog (Step On A Crack) nominates me for the ‘Versatile Blogger’!

I discovered her blog yesterday through the list of ‘Liebster’ blog nominations on another person’s thread and was drawn to it through Jen’s ‘no bullshit’ approach to dealing with and discussing the effects of alcohol abuse on her mother’s health, and how this then affected the rest of the family:

I am hoping to clear the air about alcoholics dementia. I will chronicle my mothers decline and how my family has managed to survive intact through it all.

I will not candy coat my experience or that of my mother. This is not a happy story and it is unlikely there will be a happy ending.* (This was written before the death of my mother. There is NOT a happy ending)

Whilst I appreciate it isn’t the most cheerful of topics, I think there is much to learn from other people’s experiences. Particularly if you know or have lived with someone that have suffered like those you read about. Speaking from personal experience, I am aware of how destructive alcohol can be even without Alcohol Dimentia added to the mix and I’m very grateful to people like Jen who are so willing to be open and honest about their experiences in the hopes that they can make a difference to others.

The Rules of the “Versatile Blogger Award” are as follows:

  1. Nominate 15 fellow bloggers.
  2. Inform the bloggers of their nomination.
  3. Share 7 random things about yourself.
  4. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
  5. Add the “Versatile Blogger Award” pic to your blog post.


So, here are the people that I have found most inspiring, insightful and wonderful company in this community we have here and certainly deserve lots of love, likes and attention – so get to it! In no particular order:

1. aroundofwordsin80days – because many of the wonderful people I have met have been through this page. It inspires, it urges us to develop as individuals, as well as writers, and so full of useful tips.

2. showard76 – a candid account of everything that happens through her personal journey as a BPD sufferer, also choc-ful of creative projects and reflections.

3. aseekersmusings – personal insights, as well as reflections on the world at large.

4. deidraalexander – a combination of witty prose, life experiences and pretty pictures.

5. shaggygirl – life experiences, the craft of writing, insights, reviews… you name, she’s probably got it.

6. abumptothehead – food, life, recovery, the world… a busy lady!

7. Brad Geagley – The craft of writing, film, points for discussion.

8. Madison Woods – prompts, general discussion, nature, photography…

9. Depression Cookies – writing, publishing, life, family values, food, books…

10. Michael Graeme – the publishing industry, points for discussion, personal experiences.

11. Daily Health Boost – diet, lifestyle, inspiration, motivation.

12. Grumpy Comments – reflections (or criticisms) on the world at large, life, work, and generally being a satirical arse (which I totally recommend trying).

13. Frume Sarah – a very social lady sharing her cooking tips, life lessons, discussions, books.

14. Coffurge – reflections, writing, discussion, life.

15. Robotic Rhetoric – life, health, work, society, comedy – just general good fun to read.

7 Random things about me…

1. I currently work in mental health with teenagers whilst my own sanity is often brought into question (I frequently hear our little angels saying to me: “And you think we’re nuts?”)

2. I would quite happily live in pyjamas and socks. Forever.

3. My ‘garden’ is a graveyard for a failed mini self-sufficiency project – the slugs destroyed my crops (disgustingly fat gymnasts that they are) and I haven’t the heart to go out and face it. Only the lavender survived.

4. I like solitude. I crave solitude. I moved several towns away from family and friends to a rural village (though my place is on a main road) to ensure I could have it when I wanted it. Social situations sometimes make me feel very uncomfortable and yet, people see me as being very outgoing and social. How does that work?

5. I sleep with the curtains open though my lounge curtains are always closed – too many nosey passersby.

6. I like odd conversations that would normally weird people out – the more disturbing the better. Though many people don’t realise that until they attempt to freak me out. My brain works in some very peculiar ways.

7. I hate mushrooms – why would you want to eat fungi? I keep trying to train myself to eat foods I keep saying I don’t like but I just can’t get myself to eat a mushroom. As close as I’ve got is champagne mushroom sauce (blended mushrooms and teeny-tiny bits that you can’t really taste). I don’t actually know what a mushroom tastes like.



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33 responses to “Versatile Blogging: loved, listed and a little random.

  1. showard76

    Thank you so much for the award and lovely comment Kelly 😀

  2. Congratulations! I look forward to checking out these the blogs you have listed. m

  3. I’m 100% with you on the mushrooms… Congrats, again! And you’ve made my day twice in two days, so thank you 🙂

  4. CeCe

    Thank you very much for the nomination, Kelly! I promise I’ll fulfill the rest once I know 15 bloggers, LOL.

    • I bet you do really. Have you any that’s gone to your email that you’ve lingered on longer?

      • CeCe

        I think I’ve actually only subscribed to like five blogs so far, maybe ten. I’m still pretty new to WordPress (a little over a month), and never really spent much time on here before a friend set my blog up for me and encouraged me to use it! But I’m sure I’ll get there eventually. Thank you again, I’m really pleased that you would think of me. 🙂

      • Wow! And Anne Rice noticed you? How bizarre is that? Lucky you.

      • CeCe

        I know! I was absolutely floored! I had had a conversation with her before, about the castrati, and we briefly discussed it on her Facebook page, and then later I posted my blog thinking that she’d just read it and maybe comment like she did on my post about the castrati, and instead she shared it! I’m still just absolutely amazed that she chose to do that, I totally was not expecting it!

      • It’s nice to know she’s so down to earth and in touch with ‘the people’.

  5. Thanks for this Kelly. You’re very kind. Like CeCe, will pass on when I know 15 bloggers – too much of an introvert both on and off-line. By the way, I’m sorry to have to say this, but I’ve just found something out about you that I can’t relate to at all – I love mushrooms.

    Thanks again.



    • It’s ok, I don’t begrudge others loving the peculiar substance. I just can’t seem to bring myself to reconcile with it and its funny looks.

      I don’t really mind that you don’t pass on (though I know that’s breaking the rules), I just liked to share it.

    • I’m afraid that I can not accept the mushroom within my hareem. If you are willing to leave them at the door (or some other place far, far away) then you may join. If not, sorry, but there is no room at the inn.

  6. I too like odd / weird conversations, sometimes however they are totally off the scale! I am lucky with my partner, he can match me! Mushrooms – oh my, I can’t think of a nicer / tastier food – I love them raw, sauteed, stuffed & added to every meal (where possible)!! Now then I kind of understand the egg thing that people have – being an unfertilised chicken!! hee hee

  7. Mushrooms are pretty good. But this blog is pretty good too, and you don’t see Hotspur following a mushroom. Well, depending on what kind of mushroom and whether you’ve eaten it, or made tea from it. Who knows what you’d see then?

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  9. lostupabove

    Congratulations on this award. Love your blog

  10. Congrats Kelly! i like your wirting! you deserve it.
    Your random things – it’s real randomly good!!
    i am a mushroom lover too though!

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