What a wonderful post! If it must be done, it should be done well. To have spent so long with someone only to seemingly set about trying to hurt them far more than necessary is rather disgraceful treatment of someone you once claim to have loved. I’m obviously not referring to ‘you’ as in you as an individual, but more ‘those people that…’ I see it happen frequently around me, it’s also happened to me but I refuse to let it be something that I do if it can be avoided.

I hate break ups (I’d be a right sicko if I did like them, right?) but I’d rather take the time showing someone that a break up is the best for both of us, that they’re still worthy of ‘someone’ it’s just not right for ‘us’. I want said person to still be a part of my life, since they were such a big part before. Sadly, not many people seem to share this view. Often my compassion makes it seem like there’s still a chance of reconcilliation and, when that waiting game is finally accepted as being fruitless, they either turn bitter and vindictive, or just ‘uninterested’ in maintaining any friendship anymore. At least I know my conscience is clear.



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  1. I used to hate break-ups to, luckily I have a great partner who has stuck by me after the accident 🙂 Although my accident has left me with very virtually no deep emotion, so if I were to go through a break-up, I would move on quite easily & painlessly, no discomfort for me but probably most disconcerting for the other person involved! In all seriousness, if my partner were to pack up and go, even though I wouldn’t have the emotional effects I doubt I would cope by myself. All very weird.
    I think you have a damm good approach to break-ups Kelly & you shouldn’t change it. Sometimes people are just not meant to be in your life long term.

    • They all serve a purpose I guess – I’m not saying that they’re easy but, at the end of the day, if something doesn’t work there really isn’t much point in trying to force it, or lie to yourself or it’ll just make everyone miserable.

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