Return policy.

If an item is not suitable, you may return in saleable condition within 30 days for an exchange or refund.

How wonderful it is that we are able to do this – we change our minds, thinking that pair of boots that looked oh-so-perfect is no longer the wonderful find we initially thought. The colour just isn’t quite right, the heel is too high, or it’s just not the right fit.

Could we extend this policy to include other things, like time? How great it would be if we could be assured that, if we spend time doing something, if things didn’t work out we could stop and say: “Ooops, this isn’t what I wanted afterall. Can we go back to the beginning? Pretend it never happened? Do something else?”

Obviously, there is a time frame as with any policy so that wasted youth you wish you could turn back the clock to would remain as it was – we can’t change the whole of our lives, of course. But just to know that the day off you had that you did nothing on could be reset and you could ‘do over’.

I can see many a bad night erased, relationship fails, shopping sprees, embarrassing incidents… and so forth, would all be reclaimed and made right with you in the end.

What a wonderful idea that would be, wouldn’t it?



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11 responses to “Return policy.

  1. I enjoyed today’s post very much. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Sounds like a good thing on the surface, but I’m not so sure … We sometimes experience the most intense events and learn the most valuable lessons from these kinds of “when things didn’t work out” occasions :0

  3. i would then be changing a lot of things but if only..

  4. I was actually thinking about this recently. I think it’d be wonderful if we could have a return policy on time some days. I agree with gator1965 that we sometimes learn valuable lessons with our experiences, but I’ve done some really embarrassing and stupid things I would kill to be able to go back and redo.

  5. Hmmm…I would love the opportunity to hit reset when I’ve wasted too much time or would like to see how another choice would have turned out. But I’d be nervous that I’d go back and change one tiny detail and my whole life would be different.

    • Always a risk when playing with history. I’d probably only touch smaller, more immediate details like realising I’ve just spent 4 hours on facebook rather than do something construction. Though I would be tempted to go back and restructure my life… as you say though, you don’t know what else you may change or whether it would even be for the better in the end.

      • Is it wrong that while thinking about this I can’t get the Simpson’s out of my head? The episode (Halloween episode I believe) where Homer goes back in time, keeps changing little things like stepping on a butterfly and everything ends up really weird. Haven’t watched them in years but that’s apparently what’s taking up space in my brain….maybe I could go back in time and skip watching that episode 😉

      • I know the one you mean! I completely forgot about that one. It is weird but understandably so. Poor Homer, always getting himself into mischief.

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