Had me giggling so much! (There’s three parts though, so don’t forget to read the others.)

Rant Rave Write

So I’d been having and issue with this goat.

You can read about the goat stalking me while I worked here, if you’re interested. I’ll wait.. .

Ready? Okay.

I had sent an email off to the management of the company I work for, with a brief summary of the event. Being in San Diego, rather than the rural farm country I live in, the didn’t believe me. So I was asked for a picture.

After another hour and a half of the goat circling my house like a demented four-legged  shark, I had another break, so I grabbed my cell phone and went window to window. Nothing. Was he gone?

I cautiously stepped out onto the ramp, looking around. Nothing. Paranoid crouch to see if it was hiding under the porch, waiting to spring at me in a frenzy of hooves and horns.

Nope, not there either.


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