Book review: The Deadhouse.

I think the whole world knows how much I love books and reading, I just needed to rediscover it. After having such a long period where I didn’t have the time or energy to read, it has truly been so much fun to challenge myself to read 100 books in a year – and it’s amazing how much I can forget the excitement of choosing a new book to read, discovering well developed characters, following pace and plot… I can’t quite shake the writer voice in me which is why a lot of my reviews can be quite critical (I hope that the authors of them know that, if they should ever happen upon my reviews). But I have finished every book so far. Even the books that may have been quite hard on were still read to the very last page!

Book 5:

The Deadhouse by Linda Fairstein.

It’s actually very rare I read crime fiction but I really wanted to mix up the genres for this challenge, and I’m so glad I did!

This book follows a detective and a district attorney in pursuit of killers, legends and lost treasures – it was such an adventure! I think the hardest part was that I’m not used to reading first person and, in the beginning, I found the voice quite grating. I got used to it though and actually came to quite like it.

What I didn’t like though were comments like “I know we were thinking the same thing” – how can you know? Are you psychic? Some of the narrative too was irritating. Like stating such-a-such-a-thing was being thought/wanting to ask and then the same thought was said. Not a fan of unnecessary repetition.

The descriptions of locations, history and characters were very thorough but well balanced, so that I found very little of it a chore (actually quite a pleasure) – I managed to read the book within a couple of days! For all the description though, as we approached the end I began to feel the whole process rushed. Suddenly things had happened and the killer was revealed and things were dangerous… and then it was over (I’m being vague because I don’t want to ruin it for you, if you plan to read it).

This I found quite disappointing as I ended up with more questions than were answered: But she said she could never live with that… Doesn’t she love that guy, not this guy? But what happened to the other guy? Wasn’t that other person involved? How can you just sum it up like that and try to make it a “and it’ll all work out in the end” ending? Blurgh!

Please don’t do this to me again Linda. I grew to love your characters (despite suspecting Alex is a rich bitch because that’s what you want to be – she owns a place at Martha’s Vineyard? And has a boyfriend that can afford diamond bird broaches? Really?) and I do not approve of you wrenching me out of their world so abruptly – sort it please.

All in all though, I would pick up another of her books and, no doubt, read avidly!

Happy reading!

Book 6: A Density of Souls by Christopher Rice.


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