Bcc challenge: book review

Alice Hoffman: The Ice Queen

I started this book yesterday during my shift at work and found that, despite the little time that I had to read it, I whizzed through it.

It was a thoroughly good book to read with really vivid descriptions of places, people, and incidents. I particularly loved the blend of fantasy with contemporary settings.

The book delved into the phenomena of lightning strikes and survivors and what peculiar incidents occur during this time (such as strange patterns on people’s skin). However, the story does take more of the supernatural with certain ‘gifts’ being granted by the strike.

The novel explores feelings of loss, inability to understand our meaning in the world, friendship (or lack of), love and family. How everything interlinks, even when we don’t mean for it to.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone that loves to laugh, cry, be mystified… and it’s only really a short book!




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3 responses to “Bcc challenge: book review

  1. I love this book too. Her work evokes such strong visuals. I actually listened to it as an audiobook narrated by Nancy Travis. Ordinarily i dont think I’d have liked her style but her slightly hard-edged voice really suited the story.

    • I’ve never listened to audiobooks after my very younger years, so I haven’t really gotten to grips with what people like about them. I understand many people do though and I’m glad that this book was done justice with the version you heard. 😀

  2. I am forever thought about this, thank you for posting.

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