BCC challenge: book review.

Well, I may be taking a chance reviewing a classic novel but I hope, if nothing else, it sparks some conversation on the matter.

Jane Austen’s Emma

I must admit, I have a very soft spot for Austen’s work despite not being much of a ‘girly-girl’ myself. Emma did not disappoint.

If anything, I found I related to this novel far more than the others as many of the sentiments seem to be more relevant to me though, not in all regards given the era it is based in.

The beautifully written prose are very typical of Austen’s ramblings but I always enjoy the read and find myself thinking in similar terms, which is often quite amusing to me.

What I always find quite confusing is the constant use of Mr, Mrs, and Miss, which is understandable for the era as it is how they spoke, but it becomes quite confusing when several characters are referenced that belong to the same family (father and son, for example).

I quite enjoyed my time with Austen and finished off the book with a treasure of a find – a programme called Lost in Austen which is a fantasy reworking dedicated to Pride and Prejudice.


On to book four – The Ice Queen by Alice Hoffman.

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