Let that be a lesson.

From The Desk of Mr. McFetridge.

Thank you so much for sharing this Alex (I couldn’t resist but spread the word).

I’m so proud of your humble acknowledgement of your lowly status, as how could you possibly think to compete with a juggernaut as awesome and inspiring as the noble G.D?

There are no airs and graces about you and for that you deserve respect.

You are truly honoured to have received such an affirmation by someone as accomplished as the person you have scorned.

And he knows your wife? Doomed to forever walk in the man’s shadow.

I also thoroughly love your style of writing, but what do I know? I’m a nobody too. If it wasn’t for your wonderful example of how best to deal with adversity, I may well have been irritated by an individual’s attitude.

So many people out there are working to better themselves and to better their craft, if everyone took G.D’s attitude as being the example of how we should deal with rejections and criticisms, then we surely would become a dying breed. For who would want to work with us if we act so unprofessional?

I look forward to the day where I can say that I have earned my recognition based on merit alone, not bullying or deceitful ways. But I too am a lover of truth… how sorry the world will be.


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