Don’t shoot, I’m a writer! Honest…

I’ve hit a rut.

*I know what I’m writing next.
*I have notes on things I need to know.
*I know how to generate more ideas before each writing session to ensure there’s enough material to see me through.

But I’m just… so… tired.

*There’s a million and one things I keep thinking I need to do (even spent an hour ordering groceries online).
*I’m annoyed I have to go back to work tomorrow after having these days off.
*I keep hunting for magazines that would accept the types of short stories I write so I can start building up a portfolio or try to sell my work, but keep coming up blank.

And, I can’t get comfy. I think I’m going to have to fork out money I can’t really afford on an office chair so I can use the study as I’m so uncomfortable on the sofa. It doesn’t help that my giant boobs have already given me back and neck pains.

My eyes hurt. Stupid energy efficient lighting.

I wonder if I should consider putting me down. I’m not even old but all my aches, pains and grumpy moments suggest otherwise.



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2 responses to “Don’t shoot, I’m a writer! Honest…

  1. showard76

    Don’t be so hard on yourself, if you’re tired take a break, have a sleep do something different, relax – then when you come back feeling refreshed you will be much more productive than if you slog it out while feeling pants 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment. I know, I think I’m just being a misery guts. I just get really annoyed when I know I can do something and I have the time to do it, but I’m just faffing around instead. This night has gone so quick that I haven’t even done anything but faff around. I still need to do some housework before I go to bed.

      On the upside, I have just submitted a very short story (flash) to > about a 2 month wait and $3 payment if accepted. Better than nothing. xP

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