The plan and progress: 18 Jan-19 Jan

The Plan & Progress

I’ve decided to just title these posts as what they are (plans) so that noone wastes their time if they don’t want to view schedules – not the most exciting thing in the world, I will admit.

I slept through my alarm as I was up later than planned this morning, so the plan has shifted by an hour and I’ve added some extra time at the end. I’ve not included official breaks in this plan as I’m finding a lot of the tasks I’m finishing early anyway, or some lend to a bit more free time.

0100-0200: Brainstorm & Plot some more novel chapters (research where necessary).
0200-0230: Write or Die min 1,000 words.
0230-0300: Homemade lasagne (part one: prep) & may browse ‘net.
0300-0330: Read craft of writing articles/blogs.




0330-0400: Write or Die min 1,000 words.
0400-0430: Read book 3 for BCC challenge.
0430-0500: Write or Die min 1,000 words.
0500-0530: Homemade lasagne (part two: bake) & may browse ‘net.
0530-0600: Write or Die min 1,000 words.
0600-0630: Homemade lasagne (part three: eat) & may browse ‘net.
0630-0700: Write or Die min 1,000 words.
0700-0730: Internet browse/basic research for blog/short stories.
0730-0800: Brainstorm short story ideas.
0800-0830: Brainstorm blog post ideas.
0830-0900: Explore x1 idea (blog) – make notes/basic outline.
0900-0930: Explore x1 idea (short story) – make notes/basic outline.

I feel that I tend to waste a lot of time on the internet when much of what I do can be done in less time, I usually just ‘hang around’ until someone posts. I’m trying to encourage more of a structured time away from the internet so that I’m using the time I do have it when something needs doing or something’s actually happening. ie/ I’ll still be networking and posting, but not quite so erratically (I hope).


Over 5,000 words written.

WIP The Rising: 22,890


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  1. Thank you for the post. Out of interest, how do you recommend people for jobs? Just wondered after I read your add.

    edit: sorry, I deleted the post WritingJobs after I realised that to join your site people had to pay for it. I didn’t feel comfortable with that being advertised via my page in case it appeared I endorsed it.

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