Planning crazy.

I have been completely obsessed with planning. I absolutely love planning my days off so that I’m productive, and I feel this is good practice for if I get to a point where I can actually become a full time writer.

I find that, when I put in print what I aim to do, I actually stick to it. It’s as if I’m tricking my brain into thinking of it as something it can’t get out of – it’s work. You have a deadline.

The Plan

0000-0100: write or die >1,000 words 1,033 words in 30 minutes
0100-0115: Break
0115-0200: Deadwood (I finished The Tudors!) episode (Brainstorm & Plan during this time)
0200-0215: Break
0215-0300: Write or die >1,000 words 1,020 words in 25 minutes.
0300-0315: Break
0315-0400: Articles/Blog posts (Art&craft of writing)

Just for fun:

0400-0415: Break
0415-0500: write or die >1,000 words 1,044 in 20 minutes.
0500-0515: Break
0515-0600: Write or die >1,000 words 1,025 in 25 minutes
0600-0615: Break
0615-0700: write or die >1,000 words 1,013 in 30 minutes.
For those of you who don’t know, I work nights now so I remain in the same pattern by setting my schedules accordingly. I actually find it so much easier at night too as there are fewer distractions – it’s so calm. I love nights!

I’ll keep bobbing in to edit the post as I work my way through and update totals at the end.




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4 responses to “Planning crazy.

  1. Sounds like you have a good plan. I had to break up my writing schedule so that I work on the novel on M-W-F and blog on T-Th. I then spend whatever time on the weekends I can spare. I have a final deadline for my latest novel in July. It is a good deadline. I also outline my novel and do all the research first before I ever start writing. This way I have a planned course and can deviate if I have to, but stay on target as that guy in that Star Wars movie says. I wrote a blog post about it if you want to check it out. Might give you some ideas.

    • Thank you for the comment Roger!

      When I’m working I actually get very little time to do any work (I’m either working or sleeping on those days), so I have to catch up on my days off. This means I have to essentially lump everything together but it seems less daunting when it’s broken up as it is into ‘manageable chunks’.

      At some point, I would certainly like to have a better structured week so that the workload is spread out with regards to various commitments like blogs, writing, editing, and so forth.

      July is certainly a good deadline! I like that you’re able to do all the research before hand, but I’m kind of a ‘loose plot, basic character’ kind of girl to begin with. It’s only as I start to write that characters take shape (I can then fill out character profiles), plots become clearer, their aims and objectives more obvious to me… then I can start padding out and moving around the various chapters and working out what I need to know to make everything work better.

      I suppose everyone has a different way of doing things that actually work for them but I can’t have a novel outline that’s too rigid.

      I will check out your blog.


  2. Haha! Kelly you sound like me!! I also plan everything to the minute detail… I rarely stick to it though… I find as soon as I get on the computer and start chatting and wordpressing and writing I get carried away… I love the click of the keyboard under my fingers and so I look at the ironing which is scheduled in for the morning… meh, later… I listen to the wash machine beeping, another thing scheduled to be done… meh later… keep tapping, keep typing…
    my tupperware cupboard is immaculate though… LOL.

    • Ha! I’m not a big fan of chores, I must admit. I still have washing in the machine I need to put on the maiden but I am far more engrossed in working on the novel, or updating.

      I am quite good at getting things done when it’s writing related. Though I may not be as rigid to the times, it still gets done. ie/ I might say 0200 but I get started at 0230 and just write like crazy for a while. lol.

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