Feels like home.

“A new face?” You may well ask, and you wouldn’t be far wrong. Whilst I may have been about a fair bit (innocently, I may add before you get any ideas), I have popped into WP blogs before and I just love the community at large. It is so varied and welcoming, and definitely writer friendly!

Just so you feel all straightened out in an informed sort of way: Cautillo is my pseudonym but I intend on building up a portfolio of work with it and thought it best to begin right here and now by networking under that name.

I have been keeping track of my ROW80 and Book Chick City goals on another blog (http://www.blog.co.uk/user/koldham/ if you’re interested), but I will continue with them in this one.

I also intend to become a regular poster and commenter, but more will come on that in future posts.

I hope to genuinely feel quite welcome on here and that I will continue to grow and change for the better, right before your very eyes!

Happy blogging!



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